Green Dragon Kratom is actually not a single strain. It is a fusion Kratom of Green Mango Da and Green Elephant strains. Green Maeng Da Kratom is an extremely potent strain of kratom. Green Maeng Da Kratom packs a potent punch even at smaller doses, so it’s perfect when used in a hybrid blend. Green Elephant Kratom strain brings in a smoothness, otherwise missing with Maeng Das and helps this powerhouse hybrid last longer. Its a Kratom match made in Heaven. Green Dragon Kratom is an energy stimulate with great energy boosting power. The Green Dragon has the highest energy-boosting powers. The rate at which it produces energy to the body is the fastest in the Kratom family. It improves the brain and mind abilities to function as expected for longer hours. Additionally, it relieves anxiety, stress and aids in fighting depression. Potency: Strong

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