Out of the myriad Kratom strains, White Jongkok is relatively new and far less common than strains like Maeng Da. The strain hails from the Jongkok jungle in Indonesia. The color of the Jongkok Kratom leaf veins doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the age of the leaf or the time of the season. White veins can appear on young leaves at the start of the season, as well as on old leaves toward the season’s end.White Jongkok kratom is actually just regular (green) Jongkok kratom, air-dried and then mixed with a healthy portion of stem and vein (bones). The part that makes them unique is that the plants used to make this powder is grown specifically in the dense Jongkok rainforest. White Jongkok is about as stimulating as it gets. Focus: If you need sharp laser focus to get stuff done, White Jongkok is your strain. Don’t come here if you’re looking for pain relief. It is ranked very low for that. Potency: Medium to Strong